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an update with real content

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Oct. 4th, 2007 | 09:22 am
location: ulyanov and fucking sons

with real content only because the only interesting phone call i've gotten is from lisa and i dont want to talk about that
im in the office supposed to be going through our inventory counts from last night but instead i am playing around on the computer
aleksandr is out giving the eye to the male half of this couple that just walked in
the fucker


we are going to ny this weekend and we are flying and i am predictably not very fucking excited about that
the flying part not the going back to ny part
i got enough xanax from the doctor to keep me pleasantly calm for the whole flight
according to him at least
i dont believe it, if only because i know how much of the stuff i used to need to calm me down and it is way more than he gave me
hopefully i've been away from all that shit long enough that i have the tolerance of a normal person instead of a jacked up psychopath
oh god i hate flying
aj seriously this flight is going to be miserable

nicole said she had someone go in to clean the loft, i hope no one stole anything
she said she sold some of my furniture
but wouldn't say what
aj i dont know whats going to be left, probably like the kitchen table and a lamp
so that will be exciting
i guess i'm just lucky that my darling sister kept up the payments for me
i think she stays there when she works too late to get out of the city so maybe there's more than a table and a lamp left

getting up every morning and going to work is sort of surreal for me
fucking lying pig of a boss aside it really is a sweet gig
the pay is good and the commission is better and i can really talk people into buying the most outrageous shit
it's nice to have a sense of purpose to my day
i mean its not like i haven't worked before, but by work really it's been more like ping pong balling back and forth between shitty jobs that i get fired from for the most part

i've actually felt like writing more, i think act i/scene i is almost done
and yes i know that's pathetic dont laugh aj
but it's like being back in that work environment made the play easier to grind out
i can think of a few ideas why
i figure if im going to be in nyc i might as well call steph and stop by so i can charm her in person so she stops asking me for shit
and also i can meet poor innocent susan and crush her little girlish dreams
but if i stop by steph's office without something in hand i think she'll kill me
eat me and chew me up and spit me back out
so in other words i have to have something

...ive got nothing
and the front door just beeped

ooh nice a very exciting looking guy just walked in
im going to go sell him shit before aleksandr notices

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