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cartridgefull's Journal

12 April 1978
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when i am older than all these goddamned hills
and there's no reason for my mind to be still
oh, how i'll feel like a beautiful child again
such a beautiful child again

if you ask me about my script, i'm going to punch you in the face.

no, wait.

i'll get that guy over there to punch you in the face.

[[nathan pietro anderson is not real. he's an original character currently being played at printer_jam. rufus wainwright belongs to himself and to his lovely german boyfriend. blah blah blah not real sadcakes. moodtheme by ivyleague]]
arguing with aj, being a faux-foreigner, being fabulous, being impatient, calling my agent, calling my agent again, ceiling cat, drinking until daybreak, flirting with that hot barista, flirting with that hot bartender, hanging up on my editor, hanging up on my sister, keeping secrets, leaving angry messages, leaving annoying notes for aj, losing my blackberry, mixed drinks, not answering the phone, not getting aj's jokes, not understanding technology, opera, peoplewatching, pretty boys, quitting before i get fired, riding elevators, shopping, sleeping in, spending money, travel, walking up stairs, working on my script, writing